Selected Press 2003, South East Asia Tour

29.09 Jakarta   01.10 Kuala Lumpur   02.10 Singapore   04.10 Hanoi   07.10 Bangkok   09.10 Manila   10.10 Singapore   11.10 Singapore


29.09 Republik Indonesia, Jakarta GOETHE-HAUS

Electronic Music by Kreidler

Having collaboration with Goethe institut, the Avandarde Band from Dusseldorf is doing South East Asia tour. Their music is very unique producing smooth minimalist sound flowing elegantly. The band first establishment in 1994 originated from the idea of combining "spoken work poetry" and music. Later they determined to create their own music by forming the Band. Their first mini LP made them became the best new comer in 1997 German music Industry and has performed tour throughout Europe.

This is our chance to see them perform in Jakarta during their South East Asia Tour
September/29/2003 Time : 19: 00 - till end

NN, Female Radio RI 09 2003

Kreidler - Konser Musik Elektronik Gratis!

BELUM puas dengan liburan plus hiburannya sepanjang pekan ini? Jangan khawatir, karena Goethe Institut punya acara spesial. Band Kreidler dari Dusseldorf, Jerman, dijadwalkan akan manggung di Goethe Haus, Jl. Sam Ratulangi 9-15, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, Senin 29 September 2003 lusa.

Band avantage Jerman ini akan memperlihatkan penampilan istimewa mereka untuk siapa saja tanpa dipungut biaya serupiah pun. Acaranya akan digelar mulai pukul 19.00 WIB.
Kreidler adalah salah satu grup boysband asal Jerman yang cukup penting dan bereputasi internasional. Kelompok ini dikenal karena kehalusan bunyi yang dimainkannya. Musik mereka sangat elegan, mengalir serta minimalis dan asyik. Dengan moto, "Musik sebagai pembawa ide - hal ini akan terus berlanjut", para personel Kreidler menyatakan terus akan berkarya untuk memperlihatkan kreasi seni mereka.

Band yang terdiri dari tiga orang ini mulai terbentuk tahun 1994 berawal dari ide mereka untuk menggabungkan musik dan Spoken Word Poetry. Tahun 1995 muncul Mini-LP perdana mereka, di mana Kreidler mengolah secara inovatif bermacam perkembangan musik yang aktual dan pengaruhnya. Sehingga lahirlah band elektronik dari kota Dusseldorf ini.

Mereka lahir bukan tanpa alasan. Dengan mengusung tema musik khas sendiri, mereka berhasil mewujudkan keinginan untuk menambang khasanah musik di dalam negeri khususnya, serta di mata internasional umumnya. Tahun 1996 mereka termasuk "Pendatang Baru" terbaik dalam dunia musik Jerman, dan tahun berikutnya mereka menggelar tur keliling Eropa. Ciri khasnya membuat mereka semakin menonjol. Hampir tiada kelompok band yang dapat dengan cepat mengembangkan karya mereka menjadi bahasa mereka sendiri seperti yang dilakukan oleh kelompok ini.

Kedatangan mereka di Jakarta, juga dalam rangka tur keliling mereka ke Asia Tenggara. Inilah pertunjukan pertama mereka di Indonesia. So untuk membuktikan bagaimana kemahiran dan cara bermusik mereka, saksikan konser gratis mereka di Goethe Haus Senin lusa. Don't Miss It! (19/10)

NN, Disctarra.Com RI 09 2003

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01.10 Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur AUDITORIUM

Title: Kreidler: German Electronic Jazz Music

Venue: Asia Europe Institute (AEI) Auditorium, University of Malaya, 50603, Kuala Lumpur
Date & Time: Oct 01 (8.30pm)
Tickets: Free admission, Telephone: 03-2142 2011 Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm (Office)

Synopsis: German avant-garde jazz band, Kreidler, drops by in KL on their tour of South East Asia. They are best known for their electronically refined soundscapes, which come alive with elegantly flowing, yet minimalist and cool tones.

The three musicians came together in 1994 with the intention of transforming music and spoken poetry into something new. Their first mini record came out in 1995, fusing various musical influences in an innovative way. In 1996 Kreidler was named the best music newcomer of the year at the German equivalent of the Grammys, and in 1997 they went on their first tour across Europe.

NN, NTAzNA MY 10 2003

Kreidler - Electronic Music From Germany

Düsseldorf based electronic trio Kreidler's unique combination of classic analogue and digital sound is warm without sacrificing precision, and rhythmic without resorting to dancefloor gimmickry. It's music for the heart, the mind, and on occasion, the feet - imaginative and multi-faceted, memorable and breathtaking, even a diversed audience would feel united.

Gallant coolness, a charming sense of humour and the un-dogmatic intelligence has always led to the exciting music of Kreidler.
Organised in co-operation with Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya and supported by The Ministry of Culture, Arts & Tourism Malaysia

Kirana Adam, Enpmusik MAL 10 2003

Electronic Music From Germany

German band Kreidler has David Bowie, Pavement and Stereolab among its fans. Heck, the band has also managed to get critical acclaim from The New York Times for two of its releases, Appearance and The Park. Both were the paper's record of the week. The experimental electronic group, apparently masters at creating compelling sonic tapestry, will be performing at Universiti Malaya (UM).

One question obviously arises—what is the band doing playing at UM? This institution of higher learning isn't exactly the first place you think of when it comes to cutting-edge music that "cool" people are into. Well, you can thank the good folks at the local chapter of Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes, the German cultural centre. Kreidler's concert comes courtesy of the institute's ongoing initiative to share snippets of German living with us.

The group is made up of Andreas Reihse and Detlef Weinrich on keyboard, and Thomas Klein on drums. The band's sound has been described as the sort of music that would appeal to fans of Tortoise, Kraftwerk and Trans Am. To most of us, that would mean melodic and weird laid-back tunes. Kreidler is signed to Mute Records, the same label that houses legendary synth-pop pioneers Depeche Mode.

Come and check out the group as it shares its eclectic take on electronic music. If the band doesn't turn out to be a weird enough experience, maybe checking out what happens when such an esoteric show appears at Universiti Malaya is.
Date: 1 October, 8.30pm Tickets: Admission Free Venue: Asia-Europe Institute Auditorium Universiti Malaya, Jalan 16/4, Kuala Lumpur Train : Universiti (Putra) Tel : 03-7959 4645

Adlin Rosli, Klue, MAL 11/09/2003

Comment on: Kreidler: Electronic Music From Germany
no kidding! a band like kreidler, in malaysia? and in universiti malaya of all damn places?! this ... i have to see.

Benny, Klue, MAL 12/09/2003


Conversation with Kreidler's Andreas Reihse

German group Kreidler have been likened to everyone from Tortoise to Can. They paid a rare visit to Malaysia as part of the Goethe Institute's ongoing cultural exchange program. At the end of their performance at University Malaya, Transmit braved the crowd to have a brief conversation with one-third of the trio, the affable Andreas Reihse.

Is this your first trip to this part of the world?

Andreas: We've been in Asia, but never been before in South-East Asia. Detlef has been to Korea, he studied art, and had an exchange program. He went to Seoul and Tokyo. Thomas and I have been to Japan on another project. We played together with Klaus Dinger. You may know him. He is NEU! and La Düsseldorf, played also in Kraftwerk. We collaborated on a few records and live shows.

You're speaking at a seminar in Singapore: 'Trends in Electronic Music'. What will you talk about?

Andreas: It's a very broad subject. I think I will be telling more about the attitude of certain people and not so much about musical styles. I think I will focus on a few things, for example Mouse on Mars, Thomas Brinkmann and Chicks on Speed, what they do. Telling about the attitude they have towards music, art, life not so much about say... Psychedelic drum n bass! Or... [laughs]

What do you think of mainstream electronic music, for instance, trance, and DJs or producers like Paul van Dyk?

Andreas: [laughs] Oh, I don't know much about him! Of course I've seen WestBam, Sven Väth and even Marusha and I've danced on plenty of raves. Trance is a bit boring for me but I have no moral opinion of it. I don't like it so so much, but actually I like certain elements. For example if The Modernist uses trance elements and when I do techno stuff as 'April' (Andreas' solo production moniker), I like it if it goes 'doof-dooof-doof' at 135 bpm and sometimes it is maybe close to trance but not very mainstream. Just using the energy or maybe a flanger or some sounds or something. I have no bad feelings about mainstream electronic, it doesn't destroy a scene, it's a completely different scene.   What sort of music do you think has the strongest influence on the music you create?

Andreas: Bach. Johann Sebastian Bach. [laughs] I don't know, I can't say. It's difficult. Years ago when I played keyboards in another group, I was always asked 'Who is your favourite keyboard player?' and they expected something like Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer (prog rock supergroup) or Alan Parsons (Alan Parsons Project) [laughs]. And I always said, it's Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys who influenced my keyboard melodies! [laughs]. Which isn't so wrong, by the way. But you could say it's literature, birds singing, trees, nature, friends or a city like Kuala Lumpur. I don't know how I create melodies, I can't tell you. It's in me. I love a lot of different things and in a way they influence me. I can't say Kraftwerk or something!

People lump you into the krautrock or post-rock brigade and you consider comparisons to either less than appropriate. How do you distinguish yourselves from these styles?

Andreas: It's really difficult. For example I also spin records and it's really rare that I play Kreidler. Sometimes I take an old record of ours and I play it and it's always difficult to find the next record because there's not much which fits with our record. It's really difficult to find a record which fits after Kreidler. We are very focused on ourselves. Selfobsessed.

As a group, do you put a lot of thought into making your music?

Andreas: No [laughs]. But, really, not to begin with. Afterwards, like (considering) variations or remixing ourselves. We're not jazz musicians, improvising. It's more like, we know our limitations and we move inside these limitations. We always have a three or four minute idea in our heads and we try to fill it. Afterwards when we have something finished it's always a hard struggle because we have different opinions. Afterwards, we always have the concept for the record but not at the beginning. We have an idea and we say the next album is going to be more minimal or dancefloor but in the end we surprise ourselves.

What do you try to achieve when you create your music?

Andreas: To make people move, to make them happy, to create emotions, to trigger ideas. Once a guy in Vienna, Austria came to me and said that the song 'Reflections' (early Kreidler track) saved his life. He was at a dead-end and thought about suicide. He heard this song and it changed his life. He quit his job, his girlfriend, left his family and moved to another city. Wow! It was the first time I heard something like this.

JustDanceLah MAL 14.11.2003

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04.10 Vietnam, Hanoi THEATRE FOR THE YOUTH

Basic Latin {U+0000..U+007F}   Latin-1 Supplement {U+0080..U+00FF}   Latin Extended-A, -B {U+0100..U+024F}   Latin Extended Additional {U+1E00..U+1EFF}   Combining Diacritical Marks {U+0300..U+036F}

Cùng với ban nhạc Kreidler dạo chơi dưới cánh rừng âm thanh điện tử

Ba nhạc sỹ của ban nhạc Kreidler say mê âm nhạc truyền thống và họ cũng yêu âm nhạc điện tử hiện đại. Khi những giai điệu trầm man mác hoà trộn với tiếng nhạc điện tử mạnh mẽ, hùng tráng trên một cái nền sân khấu nhỏ hẹp khán giả hoàn toàn không thấy có sự mâu thuẫn nào. hầu như không có một ban nhạc nào lại có thể vận động đầy tao nhã trong ranh giới giữa sự biến đổi các tiết tấu một cách nhỏ nhất và sự say mê các giai điệu lâng lâng, thánh thót.

Thomas Klein (trống), Andreas Reihse (Electronics) và Detlev Weinrich (Keyboards) năm 1997 đã được bình chọn là một ban nhạc trẻ xuất sắc nhất của nước Đức. Với bốn CD có nhiều thành công và nhiều chuyến lưu diễn khắp châu Âu, ban nhạc của Dusseldorf này được rất nhiều người hâm mộ, trong đó có những ngôi sao tầm cỡ quốc tế như Đavi Bowie và Stereolab.

Địa điểm: Nhà hát Tuổi trẻ, 11 Ngô Thì Nhậm, Hà Nội. Thời gian: 20h00, Thứ bảy, 04-10-2003. Vé mời miễn phí: Viện Goethe Hà Nội. tel:04.923 0035-7

NN, Hanoi Amsterdam organisation VN 10 2003

Kreidler luôn mang đến cho khán giả những bất ngờ.   Các thành viên trong ban nhạc.   Kreidler - niềm tự hào của thể loại E-Pop.

Chương trình Hoà nhạc điện tử đầu tiên của các nghệ sĩ Đức tại Hà Nội

(VietNamNet) - Chương trình Hoà nhạc điện tử (E.Pop) của ban nhạc Kreidler đến từ Duesseldorf, Đức sẽ diễn ra vào lúc 20h ngày 4/10/2003 tại Rạp Tuổi Trẻ, 11 Ngô Thì Nhậm, Hà Nội. Ban nhạc Kreidler gồm 4 thành viên: Thomas Klein, David Roy Nash, Andreas Michael Reihse và Detlef Christian Weinrich đã thu được không ít thành công tại Đức và nhiều quốc gia trên thế giới.

Trong chương trình này, Kreidler sẽ chơi 11 bài. Đó là: Circles, Minemorex, Do it, The main, Bewitched, Sans soleil, Beauties, Ashes, The by who wonders, Estatico, Lanzelot. Hà Nội là điểm dừng chân thứ 4 trong chuyến lưu diễn Đông Nam Á của Kreidler bao gồm: Jakarta (Indonesia), Kuala Lumper (Malaysia), Bangkok (Thái Lan), Manila (Philippines), Singapore. Hoạt động văn hoá độc đáo này do Viện Goethe tại Hà Nội đứng ra tổ chức.

Đôi nét về ban nhạc Kreidler

Tài năng của Kreidler được phát hiện vào đầu vào năm 1994. Khi đó 3 thành viên Thomas Klein (Drums), Andreas Reihse (Electronics) và Stefan Schneider (Bass) đang chơi trong quán Op de Eck Café dưới cái tên Deux Baleines Blanches. Detlef Weinrich, thành viên của Viện Hàn lâm Nghệ thuật Đức tình cờ được nghe những giai điệu của Deux Baleines Blanches và rất ấn tượng vì phong cách chơi của họ. Đó cũng là lý do vì sao Detlef Weinrich di đến quyết định cộng tác với Deux Baleines Blanches. 

  Vài tuần sau, Deux Baleines Blanches xuất hiện trong một CLB nhỏ với một cái tên khác, Kreidler, Lúc này, ban nhạc đã có 4 người: Thomas Klein, David Roy Nash, Andreas Michael Reihse và Detlef Christian Weinrich. Một cái tên hoàn toàn mới, một chặng đường mới đã mở ra. Mùa hè năm 1994, họ ra mắt người yêu nhạc dưới cái tên Kreidler nhưng đến tận tháng 5/1995, Kreidler mới chính thức bước vào Knochenhaus Studio tại Hamburg để ghi âm 7 ca khúc đầu tiên. Single đầu tiên Kookaï của Kreidler đã gây được ấn tượng tốt ngay từ khi mới ra mắt. Với những giai điệu lạ tai, tạp chí Spex của Đức đã đánh giá âm nhạc rất cao chất lượng âm nhạc của Kreidler. 

Cũng từ thành công này, sự nghiệp của ban nhạc bắt đầu khởi sắc. Hãng đĩa KiffSM ở Hamburg đã quyết định ký hợp đồng thu âm với Kreidler. Kết quả của mối hợp tác mới này là sự ra đời của đĩa nhạc LP Weekend vào tháng 10/1996. Chính từ thành công của LP Weekend mà Kreidler được xếp vào hàng những ban nhạc được chú ý nhất nước Đức. Cũng trong năm này, độc giả của tạp chí Spex đã bầu Kreidler là Ban nhạc mới xuất sắc nhất.

1997 có thể coi là một năm bận rộn của Kreidler. Thành công của LP Weekend đã dẫn đến những show diễn ở London, tiếp đến là Bỉ, Hà Lan, Thuỵ Sĩ, Pháp. Đây có thể coi là động lực quan trọng khiến ban nhạc chuẩn bị cho album tiếp theo vào năm sau. Tính đến thời điểm này, Kreidler đã ra được 3 album và đều được đánh giá cao.

Kreidler đã tham gia khá nhiều liên hoan âm nhạc ở châu Âu. Họ đã được mời chơi nhạc ở Amsterdam (Hà Lan), Copenhagen (Đan Mạch), Brighton (Anh quốc) và tất nhiên là liên hoan nhạc Pop ở Frankfurt có tên VIVA II...

Bích Hạnh, VNN.VN VN 02 08 2003

(...) In addition, modern Hip-Hop dances as well as pieces of electronic music performed by the Kreidler band brought a freshness to the musical life in Viet Nam. (...)

NN, VN 12 2003

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07.10 Thailand, Bangkok THAILAND CULTURAL CENTER International Music and Dance Festival

The Kreidler Group, James Morrison Sextet with Emma Pask

Date/Month: 7 October 2003, Show time: 19.30 hrs., Ticket price : 1,200/1,000/800/600/300 Baht

Summary detail: The Kreidler Group. Presented by Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes.

The first part of the evening is devoted to new wave electronica from the Kreidler group. This four man band of Andreas Reihse, Thomas Klein, Detlef Weinrich and David Nash, is Germany's most innovative electronic music group. They have played at festivals throughout Europe and are known for their unbeatable combination of classic analogue and digital sounds.

NN, Ticketmaster T 10 2003

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09.10 Republic of the Philippines, Manila THE PODIUM - C'EST LA VIE

The Philippine Daily Inquirer, 02.10.03 Manila Bulletin, Manila, 03.10.2003, 05.10.03 Manila Bulletin, 06.10.03 - Philippines.

The Philippine STAR, 05.10.03 Manila Bulletin, 17.10.03 - Philippines.

Today, 19.10.03 - Philippines.

Singapore, Singapore   02.10 ZOUK CLUB   10.10 ZOUK CLUB   11.10 ESPLANADE

Where to Go, October 2003 Singapore.


The Goethe-Institut Singapore is part of the Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes e. V world-wide network. In line with its official cultural policy, Goethe Connections aims to present its longstanding contacts with avant garde music in Germany and abroad & promote high quality, forward thinking infotainment to Singapore, a perfect synergy with Nu Beats at Phuture.

Kreidler admit to appropriating their moniker, and by implication their general music making aesthetic, from an old 50cc motorcycle with "a cheap hi-tech look". Thomas Klein (drums), Andreas Reihse (push-buttoned and keyed instruments), and Detlef Weinrich (electronica) create contemporary electronic music with an experimental core but refuse to be typecast as mere studio boffins: "There's a lot of hype about electronic acts working in a scientific way", they assert, "but that's not our goal. People are happy to see us as 'that weird German band'", bemoan Kreidler, "but we never set out to be like that."

Kreidler's ambition is to create music beyond any of these contexts - music based on the most varied of influences, according to their own world’s possibilities.

Zouk/Phuture admission on 10 Oct for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 9pm, $23/$28 after

NN, Zouk SGP 10 2003

Kreidler seminar

For those who are interested in electronic music, Kreidler will also be hosting a free seminar titled "Explorations: Trends in Electronic Music in Germany" on the same day at the Esplanade Recital Studio at 3 pm. For more information about this event, check out

LM, Mtvasia SGP 10 2003

Observatory/Kreidler (Esplanade Studios, 11 October 2003)

October 13, 2003. In the midst of catch-up conversation she asked if, by any chance, I'd be interested in going to see some German group at the Esplanade tonight. She read about them in the papers and it sounded interesting. WAHOO! (..)

Kreidler continued my long-running streak of never being disappointed by anything German. (I clarify: obviously I wasn't alive during the World Wars.) Interesting sounds that evolved rather than doof!doof!doof!ing on for ages the way some electronica does, endearing crowd manner, and although I was too comfy sprawling on the floor for most of the gig to dance, it certainly kept me bobbing my head and tapping my toes.

Syntaxfree Blog

Deutsch Geschichten celebrates Goethe-Institut's 25th anniversary

Zouk Club was exclusively booked on Thursday 2 Oct 03 for this close-door event. The guest of honour was an Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Andreas Michaelis. There was Electronic Music by the band Kreidler - Andreas Rheise on Keyboard , Thomas Klein on Drums & Detlev Weinrich on Keyboard, Easy Listening Dance Music by duo DJs Le Hammond Inferno Holger Beier & Marcus Liesenfeld from Berlin, action painting by Neoangin & Nova Huta, German food & German birthday Sahne cake!

After my 8 months learning at Goethe, I can safely tell you that it's not just a place to learn the German language, it is also a place for German music, art and folk culture ;-)

Sha Stallion, virtual tourist Singapore 10 2003

Southeast Asia Kreidler Tour commissioned by Goethe. Refer to Livesection 2003.

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