Kreidler 1994 - 1995               Thomas Klein, Andreas Reihse, Stefan Schneider, Detlef Weinrich.               Riva 1994   untitled (Sport) 1995   Kookaï 1995




KREIDLER FEAT. DJ SPORT: three track promo-tape (titles unknown). Artwork by Andreas Reihse. Coverphotography Stefan Schneider Archives.

LOUISEVILLE LIPS: last Deux Baleines Blanches production from 1993, unreleased. Then sheduled for release as Kreidler, remained unreleased. Artwork by Andreas Reihse. Fotographies by Stefan Schneider, Stefan Schneider Archives, Charles Wilp.

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RIVA: Seite 1 - 1. Ford Weltkugel 2. Beginn 3. Drücken 4. 2. Juni 5. Charles Wilp fotografiert Muhammed Ali 6. Feucht 7. Cafe dello Sport Seite 2 - 1. Tierfilm 2. 1940 3. Das Wilde Heinefeld 4. Flames 5. Flames Dub 6. Riva [7. hidden track: Get some]

Written and produced by Kreidler. Words on 1940: Joe Lipman. Words on Flames: Watts Prophets. Words on Riva: Stefan Schneider. Voice and Saxophon on Das Wilde Heinefeld: Fritz Sitterle. Recorded at Kreidler's Studio Internazionale, September 1994. Mixed with Fritz Sitterle at Frosch Studio Düsseldorf, October 1994. Released and distributed by Kreidler.

Artwork by Detlef Weinrich. Coverphotography by Stefan Schneider.
Released December 1994 on A Contresens, k7, Paris - with a different artwork.
Bo Kondren, Calyx Berlin, did a remaster of Tierfilm for release on Autoreverse - volume zero (LP, Hidden records, Berlin) in 1996.

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KREIDLER 12" EP (untitled): 1.1.1 Die Sexy Antwort Auf Beige 1.1.2 Anti-Car 1.1.3 Soft Niveau 1.1.4 Boccia 1.2.1 Sportfläche 1.2.2 Bikini 1.2.3 Im Betrieb (IV)

Written and produced by Kreidler. Recorded, mixed and coproduced by Souldier Niceprice at Knochenhaus Tonraum Hamburg. Mastering by E. Kliewer. Released on Finlayson [FTV 011], Köln 1995. Limited and numbered to 500 copies.

At least three different covers (black with sticker, white with sticker, Finlayson-logo) are available. Sticker and Landscape on label: Detlef Weinrich. Freehand and Pagemaker: Andreas Reihse.
The untitled ep is sometimes quoted as "Sport" due to a detail in the label-artwork. The "lamp" bitmap is part of a series of logos Kreidler used in 1994. It relates to "DJ Sport" and a drawing of Hendrik Krawen. See also re-sport.
There's an early Kante song with a dedication to A1: "Die sexy Antwort auf DJ Sport".

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Written and produced by Kreidler. Recorded and mixed with Fritz Sitterle at Frosch Studio Düsseldorf. Mastering by E. Kliewer. Released by Marc Knauer on his Stuwardess/Stewardess-Label [Stu 004], Düsseldorf, February 1995. Limited to 500 copies.

Double A split-7inch Kreidler/Superbilk.
Clear vinyl, silkscreened transparent cover, transparent lyric sheet. Artwork by Andreas Reihse.

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