Legacy of Kreidler # 3 - The Park: Innenstadt Mainstream years 1999 - 2006
From November 1999 until January 2006 Kreidler 's The Park studio was located in a massive concrete building next to the central station of Düsseldorf.
The 5-storey house had office rooms next to huge halls with railway-connections. It was formerly the main department of the Deutsche Bundes Post.
Kreidler rent their space as part of the registered association Innenstadt Mainstream e.V. - among artists like the hobbypopMUSEUM, Rupert Huber, musicians like Antonelli Electr., L@N, the Bad Examples, the company Background-records or EGO - the project-space for electronic music.

The Park refers to the photography on the cover of Weekend, shot by Stefan Schneider in the Düsseldorf Volksgarten, and - of course - the 1998 album Appearance and The Park.

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In January 2006 the owner sold the building to the city department of Düsseldorf. It hosts now the lost and found department as well as the municipal public order office Ordnungsamt (who regulary gatecrashed the EGO)...

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working on the soundtrack for 'Durchfahrtsland' (February: premiere on the Berlinale)
London Fashion Week Kreidler's 'Solaris' on the show of Giles Deacon
production and launch of www.evefuture.de
remix work for Lio

Weinrich produces as: Too Lose Low Track
April production 'Südstadtvirus' on compilation 'Stadtmusik Köln' (onitor)
Reihse: edition for the Kölnische Kunstverein
theatreplay 'I Will': premiere at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus

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'Eve Future Recall' Cd/Lp
contribution to the artist book 'Romantik' (Gestalten)
rehearsals for the celebration of 'Wolfgang-Hahn-Preis' for Rosemarie Trockel
working on the soundtrack for Alexandra Sells movie 'Durchfahrtsland'

Klein produces as: Clyne
Reihse produces for the 'Zero G' project of fashiondesigner Hamish Morrow
Reihse composition and production for 'I Will' - theatreplay (u.a. with Thea Djordjadze, Rosemarie Trockel, students of the 'Kunstakademie Düsseldorf' - part of the exhibiton PLAY! (Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf)

production for Simon Anderson & the Mind Set

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rehearsals for concerts in Georgia, for Djordjadzes 'Absolut Vodka', for the anniversary of Monika Sprüth gallery a.o.
'Eve Future' Soundtrack: Chanel Pret-aPorter and documentation 'Deutscher Reichstag'
'Oscilaciones' festival, Barcelona - installation 'Eve Future' movies Galerie Ca Filipe, performance at Razzmatazz.
photo-session of The Park - studios by Oliver Sieber for exhibitions and his catalog 'deutsch - Young German Photography'
rehearsals for the South-East-Asia tour - commissioned by Goethe Institut - eight concerts, one workshop: Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Hanoi and Bangkok.

Weinrich produces a short movie for a project on the 'Museumsinsel Hombroich'.
Reihse produces the music for Djordjadzes 'Vodka makes us very very happy' movie,
  - for Rosemarie Trockels installation 'Liquefaction' Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt and
  - for Djordjadze/Pousttchi/Trockels Installation 'l'ananas bianco' Biennale, Venedig

Reihse produces with Jendreiko 'Little Annie & the legally Jammin' ep (italic)

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production of 'Eve Future'
release of 'Eve Future' lp/cd
Weinrich produces 6 videos for 'Eve Future'
preproduction of 'Eve Future' installation/projection/performance for the series 'Eingang Links', Kunstverein Düsseldorf
rehearsals for 'Eve Future' live
contribution rel. 'Eve Future' for the artistbook 'Toit du Monde' (Lars Müller Publishers)
'Eve Future' video at the Kurzfilmfestival Oberhausen
'Eve Future' on the Lacoste Catwalk
'Eve Future' in the charts of the London Rough Trade Shops

remix work for MULTIPLEX
coverversion of 'Popcorn' for Tribute to HOT BUTTER Album
rehearsal for: K21 Düsseldorf and Andreas Gursky, Centre Pompidou Paris
rehearsal for The Chicks on Speed / Kreidler Sessions concerts
Weinrich produces 3 Videos for The Chicks on Speed / Kreidler Sessions
rehearsal for festivals: Namur, Pukkelpop, San Sebastian, Geneva, Valencia a.o.

Reihse/April production 'Moon River' with Nina Pohl and Thea Djordjadze.

Reihse co-production with artist Friedrich Kunath for two of his movies
Reihse co-production with Christian Jendreiko: 'Studio Apartment' cd (Flesh)

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rehearsals for New York: retrospektive of Andreas Gursky at the MoMA and Knitting Factory concerts
rehearsals for the 'Mnemorex' - European-tour: Nederlande, Belgie, France, España, Great Britain, Irland, Portugalo, Italia.
remix works for STATION 17, PHILIP BOA and DEPECHE MODE
release of 'The Chicks on Speed / Kreidler Sessions' ep

Oliver Sieber takes a photograph of the control-room of The Park for his series and book "Übungsräume"

pre-production Binford for three concerts in Tbilisi, Georgia

Reihse/Weinrich/Paulick co-production of Christian Jendreiko's album 'Planeten Suite' (Flesh)
Klein co-production of Paulick/Taylor's album 'Coloma-Silverware' (Ware)

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'Circles' ep
recording session with Leo Garcia (invited by EGO)
'Kreidler' cd/lp with guest vocalists Momus (New York) and Leo Garcia (Buenos Aires)
rehearsals with Momus for the 'Mnemorex' Germany-tour
recording sessions for an ep with the Chicks on Speed

Klein produces music as: Fauna
Reihse as: April
Reihse & Weinrich as: Binford
April production 'If...' on 'V/A - Dancefloor - can't get enough of your love' 3lp (italic)
April production 'If...' ep (italic)
Reihse: music for a performance of Thea Djordjadze at the Kunstverein Düsseldorf ('Haareschneiden')
Binford rehearsals for concerts
Binford production 'Eclypse' on 'V/A - Dancefloor - can't get enough of your love' 3lp (italic)
Reihse, Weinrich, Paulick, Taylor (Coloma): DarkPark - performance at hobbypopMUSEUM

on the nightshift: Khan and Kid Congo Powers

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November: founding of the studio space
pre-production for the poject CopierColler with swiss artist Franz Treicher - live in Geneva and Brussels